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I like breaking down cultural barriers of What defines a shower?

March 29, 2013

Here are some things I know that you can do in the shower

1. Wear swimming goggles. Nothing compares to the feeling of power you get from standing upright with your face right in front of the shower head and your eyes wide open. Take that, shower head!

2. Sit down. This liberating experience makes the shower experience more fun and relaxing. The water is lighter and less confrontational as it travels a farther distance. Why make something into a chore when it can be a vacation?

3. Brush your teeth. Not only are you killing two birds with one stone, but it makes the painstaking act of brushing your teeth into a zen-like ritual while immersed in water. Even better if combined with #2. Wordlessly wash all the germs away at once.

4. Peel and eat an orange. Leave the orange peel on the floor of the bath until after you are done. Tip for all you germophobes, it’s perfectly normal to apply clean water to food. Eating something that is so sweet and watery while being in the shower, is like a cathartic identity of one’s internal self with the self that exist in the external world. It also adds an interesting objective and reward to an otherwise thankless activity.

I will update with any more thing to do in the shower.