John reads (so that you don’t have to)

January 21, 2010

(11:36:07 AM) John Hawksley: it’s unfortunate for you that you don’t understnd the post, but you deserve that fate
(11:37:44 AM) Boyuan Zhu: w/e
(11:37:46 AM) Boyuan Zhu: too hipster

xoebus: *sigh* One of my flatmates just asked “Where is Admiral Ackbar from?”, I replied “Mon Calamari”. He then said “No which series, Star Trek or Star Wars or something else; you fucking geek.”
xoebus: I feel loved.

Meudi: Dude, I think I fell asleep
CSpatriot: Why do you think that?
Meudi: Because I woke up

<Robohunk> A friend of mine took an exam in his French class while on acid once. When friends asked him about it later, he said, “I think I did pretty well. I wrote this great story about a thunderstorm.”
<Robohunk> The professor called him into his office soon afterwards and showed him the test. It was a piece of paper covered with the words “Noir noir noir, noir BLANC!!! noir noir noir noir noir, noir noir noir BLANC!!!” over and over.


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